“I could eat the whole jar by myself!”

“The best dip ever.”

“I’m addicted.” 

“Rich, satisfying flavor.”

“I got it 20 minutes ago, and the jar’s empty already.”

“You just want to put your face in it.”

“250 calories? In the whole jar?!”

“As a local personal trainer, I can say, you need this.”


(Yes, these are comments from actual happy Yummy Yammy customers.)

What’s different about Yummy Yammy® brand Sweet Potato Salsas?
No tomato here — just 100% pure flame-roasted sweet potato,
which gives outstanding body and scrumptious flavor to our salsas…

And along with our Mexican Sweet Potato Salsas, we have introduced our
(NEW!) Tuscan Sweet Potato Salsa flavor that’s like having lunch on an Italian countryside, and
(NEW!) Moroccan Sweet Potato Salsa with superfood kale and enticing curry.

Plus, something no other salsa has:
Because the main ingredient is  America’s favorite superfood, sweet potato, all my salsas are
• surprisingly delicious in a new and fun way
• naturally sugar-free and sweetener-free

• naturally fat-free
• loaded with natural nutrition 
(way too many benefits to fit on the label, even)

You can try to eat just a little . . .
but at only 250 superfood calories in the whole jar, you can eat a lot!

So become a Yambassador (above),  get free shipping on your first Amazon order,
then go right here to order your Yummy Yammy® brand Sweet Potato Salsas!

Yammily yours,
Lisa Johnson, Yambassador, Yummy Yammy

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