17 Ways to Eat Our Sweet Potato Salsa Without Chips

Don’t eat chips? Trying to cut back on fried stuff like chips?

Whole Foods Market Woburn chip & salsa aisle sign

Think that means you can’t really enjoy salsa? NO WAY!
Our salsa is for WAY more than chips…

Yummy Yammy Tuscan Sweet Potato Salsa Quick Breakfast Eggs1., 2. Breakfast eggs: Just spoon a little of any Yummy Yammy flavor onto your eggs. Easy peasy. Veggies for breakfast. CHECK: there’s one of your 5 servings, and it’s not even 9 in the morning yet!

Here's the Yummy Yammy Moroccan Sweet Potato Salsa jar. Great fall colors!3-8. Lunch wrap or burrito: Most salsas are too thin (and maybe too tomato-y) to be the middle of your burrito – they are a condiment on top of a finished meal. That’s cool. And ours generally have a richer mouthfeel because of the qualities of roasted sweet potato, so they can be the MIDDLE of your wrap. Use any flavor inside the burrito/wrap, with cooked leftover rice or quinoa if you like, with a paired cheese if you like, with extra protein if you like, with extra chopped veggies if you like, but without any of those things if you don’t have time. Wrap and bring to work for a quick, healthy lunch. Eat cold or warm up in the office microwave, whichever you prefer.
Yummy Yammy® brand Tuscan Sweet Potato Salsa appetizers with feta cheese9-12. Party hors d’oeuvres: Appetizers really come alive with our salsa as the flavor base. Try simple crackers with our salsa and a little matching cheese (feta or parmesan with the Tuscan; cheddar with the Mexican; creamy goat with the Moroccan, for example). Liven up your deviled eggs. 
Yummy Yammy® brand Sweet Potato Salsa & feta on naan, cooked13-17. Easy dinner, for one, two, or a dinner party: Tuscan Flatbread is so quick and easy: just a flatbread, the salsa spread on top, and feta cheese crumbled all over. Broil a few minutes, cut, serve, it’s gone. Don’t you love food that is NO WORK? Moroccan Chicken is by far the simplest when you’re cobbling together a quick dinner around a rotisserie chicken from your trusted market. Quesadillas. Stuffed Peppers. Nachos for Fun Food Friday Family Night.

So chip away when you feel like it, and enjoy heartily, knowing each jar of our salsa has only 250 calories in the whole jar and will satisfy you like the healthy vegetable-meal-in-a-jar that it is. And know that Yummy Yammy brings you WAAAAAYYYY beyond chips.

Yummily yours,
Lisa Johnson, Yambassador, Yummy Yammy


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