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sweet potato salsas on grocery shelfWe help busy people eat better,
one deliciously addictive sweet potato at a time.

Our first products are a line of 100% sweet potato salsas.

We make it fun and healthy to “veg out”. 

Sweet potato means brown sugar, butter and marshmallows to most people. And now you can get sweet potato fries at any restaurant.

But here’s what we do differently: we make them savory, taking them from the side dish to the center of the plate, and keeping them the amazing nutritious powerhouses they naturally are.

Yummy Yammy® brand Mild Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa in productionWhether you already love sweet potatoes, or have never liked them, you should try our salsas.  They’re delicious, new, fun, and so healthful you won’t believe it.

They don’t “taste like sweet potatoes” as much as they taste like superb nacho topping and burrito filling (our Mexican sweet potato salsas), lunch on the Italian countryside (the Tuscan), and the best Indian food (the Moroccan).

We make our salsas in New England, from North Carolina family farmed sweet potato, and we’re committed to the idea that the best food for us can also be the most delicious.

Lisa Johnson, owner of Yummy YammyHi, I’m Lisa Johnson, Yambassador at Yummy Yammy.

I’ve chosen my company name and corporate title to celebrate how fun and delightful it is to create sweet potato concoctions for you.

I am irrepressibly entrepreneurial and my mind is constantly filled with possibility.  People have told me I’m a leader and a visionary, and I can at least say that all my life I have desired those qualities. I’ve worked on farms, in restaurants, cooked all fall for 36 hungry apple pickers, managed natural food coops for 12 years, ran a nonprofit program building relationships with farmers for 10 years, and now built up this business from a recipe in my kitchen. Yeah, I like food. You too?

Please let us know what you think of our products, and spread the word — that makes YOU a Yambassador!

Yammily yours,
Lisa Johnson, Yambassador, Yummy Yammy

lisa@yummyyammy.com •  802-291-1718

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