Beautiful, Gorgeous Mexican Avocado Boats

Two of my favorite produce selections are sweet potato (of course!) and avocado. Sweet potato for mouthfeel and that slight natural sweetness, and avocado for richness.

Yummy Yammy Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa in Avocado BoatsI find even the outside of an avocado to be so gorgeous. Some of the outside textures are smooth…

Smooth avocado whole

… and some are beautifully bumply.

bumpy avocado whole

And I can never get enough of that gorgeous color. I love that first peek.

twisting avocado open

And the way the green graduates.

avocado corner


avocado open halves on olive board

Combining avocado with a plain sweet potato doesn’t appeal to me because they’re both straightforward flavors. But avocado combined with our savory sweet potato salsa is pretty much heaven on earth.

avocado halves and jars

Simply spoon a little salsa into the seed cavity.

Fill avocado half with Yummy Yammy Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa

Simple and perfect.

finished avocado boats with Yummy Yammy Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa

All you will need is a spoon.

Yammaliciously yours,
Lisa Johnson, Yambassador, Yummy Yammy

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