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Beautiful, Gorgeous Mexican Avocado Boats

Two of my favorite produce selections are sweet potato (of course!) and avocado. Sweet potato for mouthfeel and that slight natural sweetness, and avocado for richness. I find even the outside of an avocado to be so gorgeous. Some of the outside textures are smooth… … and some are beautifully bumply. And I can never get enough of that gorgeous color. I love that first peek. And the way the green graduates. Colors. Combining avocado with a plain sweet potato doesn’t …

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How to Get Yummy Yammy In Your Local Store [download]

Would you like to convince your local store to carry our salsas? Here is some help with that! We’ve created you a page you can print out and bring in to give to your store’s grocery buyer. Click on that link, print it, add your name and how they can contact you, and you can even circle the flavors you like most if you want. Some additional optional ideas: * I’ve been told by buyers that if you bring in an …

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Sweet Potato Salsa Rules in Burrito Bowls

Our sweet potato salsas make such quick and easy meals. One of my favorites is a rice bowl (a/k/a burrito bowl, buddha bowl, quinoa bowl). I start with my favorite bowl. Add hot rice. I like brown rice because of the chewy, nutty texture. Quinoa also works, or millet. What’s your favorite? Then ~ and here’s the fun part ~ you get to add whatever flavor ingredients you want. The first one is the Sweet Potato Salsa, and any of …

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No Gluten • No Soy • No Milk • No Egg • No Peanut

Anyone with a food allergy, or with a child with a food allergy, knows how stressful eating can be. One of the earliest goals I ever had for Yummy Yammy was to offer “food with no consequences”. I know we can’t guarantee 100% that everyone can eat our food safely, because there are a lot of allergies out there. Did you know some folks are allergic to carrots?  To mango?  To ginger root? We don’t use mango or carrots at the moment, …

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Yummy Yammy + Vermont Creamery = Amazing Lunch

Today I had about 6 minutes to spare for lunch. I work at home, so the cool thing is, I can put something inspiring together from whatever’s in the fridge. Inspiration struck today from the leftover cooked burgers and the package of Vermont Creamery St. Albans Aged Cow Milk Cheese, along with whichever flavor of Yummy Yammy Sweet Potato Salsas I want to choose of course – and today I went with the Tuscan. I love my toaster oven – …

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17 Ways to Eat Our Sweet Potato Salsa Without Chips

Don’t eat chips? Trying to cut back on fried stuff like chips? Think that means you can’t really enjoy salsa? NO WAY! Our salsa is for WAY more than chips… 1., 2. Breakfast eggs: Just spoon a little of any Yummy Yammy flavor onto your eggs. Easy peasy. Veggies for breakfast. CHECK: there’s one of your 5 servings, and it’s not even 9 in the morning yet! 3-8. Lunch wrap or burrito: Most salsas are too thin (and maybe too tomato-y) to …

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Yummy Yammy Going Into Target

We’re so happy to announce that Boston-area shoppers will now be able to find Yummy Yammy’s Sweet Potato Salsas at three Target stores, starting this week. This is an exciting new development for us. And here’s where you come in: We have 60 days to prove ourselves at these stores, so we need YOU to tell every friend you have to find us at Target in February and March! Can you help us? Tell your friends to go to the …

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Yummy Yammy Joins Prestigious Business Accelerator Program

by Valley Venture Mentors Valley Venture Mentors is pleased to announce the 2017 Startup Accelerator cohort. The 36 startups, chosen from more than 200 applicants received from around the world, represent high-quality, early-stage startups across more than eight industries, including technology, beauty, healthcare, transportation, and publishing. “We are excited by the caliber of ideas and depth of founders’ expertise represented in this year’s cohort,” VVM CEO Liz Roberts said. “We are honored that they are choosing to invest their time …

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Organnons Natural Market Now Carrying Our Sweet Potato Salsas

We’re so happy to now be on the shelf of Organnons Natural Market in Newton PA. Have you ever been there? Jessica has put our sweet potato salsas on their shelves at their great natural foods market. Have friends in or near Newton who are interested to try some new, fun, interesting foods that no one has ever heard of before? Now you can send them to Organnons to get our fun salsas! Thanks so much, Jessica. Now that we’re available through United Naturals (UNFI), the largest natural …

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Fiesta Stuffed Peppers – Easy Recipe

When I was little, my mom tried to get me to try red bell peppers. she said they were sweet. She said they weren’t spicy. She said I would love them. I knew she couldn’t be right, because they were called “peppers”, and because they were red, which equalled spicy in my mind. Oh, was I missing out. Now I’ll eat one like an apple, in the car, to tide me over til I get home. And I put them in …

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  • *NEW* Sweet Potato Cookbook!

    Yummy Yammy Cookbook
  • Yummy Yammy now at Target!

    Framingham, Woburn, Taunton, MA

    We are now going into 3 Boston-area Target stores: we're already in Framingham, and next week will be in Taunton & Woburn. Yay! And, we have 60 days to prove ourselves there. If enough people buy, they'll add us to more stores; but if not, we'll lose our spots. YOU can make a huge difference! Please tell your Boston-area friends to find us at Target in Feb & March! Extra credit: Post a photo to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter!

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