Frequently Asked Questions about Yummy Yammy® Brand Sweet Potato Salsas

What’s different about Yummy Yammy® brand sweet potato salsas?
We are the only company anywhere making a commercial salsa with no tomato and 100% pure roasted sweet potato as the salsa base. Delicious, refreshing taste makes Yummy Yammy® brand sweet potato salsas extraordinary. As the original savory sweet potato company, Yummy Yammy offers a variety of small-batch specialty products made from roasted sweet potato. Roasting brings out the natural sweetness, rich mouthfeel and phenomenal nutrition of yams in a way that commercial microwaving and steaming just can’t match. Our food is irresistible, especially once we add wholesome ingredients like balsamic vinegar, wholesome delicate beans and non-GMO corn.

Why are you building a business on sweet potatoes, of all things?
Because they are naturally sweet, extremely healthful, fun to work with (don’t you love the color?), and because no one else is doing it. Serial entrepreneurs are like that.  Here’s a more in-depth article on why I make food out of sweet potatoes.

Your salsas are fat-free — does that mean you’re advocating a fat-free diet?
Not at all. Fat is an essential nutrient. But these sweet potato salsas didn’t need fat to taste great, so we don’t add any. In fact, you’ll want to add at least a little bit, because it turns out your body will absorb sweet potato’s astounding amount of beta carotene (the naturally occurring form of Vitamin A) better when eaten along with a little fat.  (However, we also have friends on temporarily reduced fat diets, and friends with certain health conditions, and we are delighted that our fat-free dips make it easier for them to enjoy vibrant health.)

How long will they last?
Before you open the seal, our salsas will last for years because of the way we hot-pack them. (And no, there are no chemical preservatives of any kind.) Once opened, refrigerate and use within 7-10 days. See more details here.

Since they are salsas, does that mean they are spicy?
We have mild, medium and hotter options. The Mexican salsas come in all three heat levels, while the Tuscan and Moroccan salsas are medium level heats.

What do people think about Yummy Yammy?
Our customers speak for us: “That’s the best thing I’ve eaten all year.” “Delicious.” “Exciting.” “Perfect.” “Rootilicious!” “My salivation is going to short something out.” “Everyone went from being polite adults to grabbing madly for the food.” “Yamtastic!”

Please add your own question or comment below.  We’d love to hear what you think about our salsas!


At Yummy Yammy we start with sweet, juicy, US-grown, naturally nutritious, orange-fleshed roasted sweet potatoes. Then we add delicious, wholesome ingredients to make the yummiest food anywhere. We make our food joyfully in small batches, and we hope you LOVE it. Let us know how eating our sweet potato changes YOUR life!

Lisa Johnson, Yambassador

2 Responses to FAQ

  1. karin hawkes says:

    my husband and i LOVE your dips.
    we take them to parties and to our kids living out of state.
    when will you be able to ship out of state-specifically to SC??

    thanks and YUM

    • LisaJohnson says:

      Thanks so much for writing. Glad to hear you love our salsas!
      We can ship them now to anywhere in the continental US.
      You can order right on Amazon, or by visiting our website’s “Buy Yummy Yammy” tab.

      We’ll be happy to ship them down to you any time.


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