For Better or For Work – Meg Hirshberg

You probably know of Gary Hirshberg, the “CE-Yo” of Stonyfield Yogurt.

Do you also know his amazing wife?

Meg Cadoux Hirshberg is a columnist for INC. Magazine, as well as the spouse that survived the beginnings and growth of Stonyfield Yogurt. She’s an extraordinary example of the kind of extraordinary person you have to be to thrive as the spouse of an extraordinary entrepreneur. And she has now written a book about how you can do the same: For Better or For Work: A Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs and Their Spouses.

It’s not always easy. I’m out doing demos, hearing from customers new and old how great they think our food is, what a great idea I have, and how they are turning their friends onto its great taste and health benefits. Where’s my husband? At home with the kids, feeding them lunch and doing the dishes.

Meanwhile, I’m spending our money on a crazy (?) dream, with no guarantee of success, and he’s working at the job that pulls in (right now) all our family’s income.

This man and our kids mean the world to me… yet I’m often working late, gambling away our savings, and oh, once in a while, a little stressed. 🙂

This book is for us.  (In fact, I’m in it.) And it may be for you, if you’re an entrepreneur, or the suffering spouse of one.

Come hear a panel of folks (including me, Gary Hirshberg, Cindy Pierce, and others) talk about this issue in Concord at the Red River Theatres, on Wednesday April 11 at 6pm.  It’s free, and you can get Meg to sign your new book that will help you survive your brilliant ideas and their inception! See poster below.

Y’Ammily yours,
Lisa Johnson, Y’Ambassador, Yummy Yammy

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One Response to For Better or For Work – Meg Hirshberg

  1. Hagr says:

    I too love Stonyfield yogurt. When Food Inc. was paliyng in NewHampshire (the home of the company), Mr. Hirschberg attended a screening and answered questions about his company afterward. My mom got to attend this session and thought it was incredibly interesting. There are groups who disagree with Stonyfield’s aim to grow into a huge company, claiming that this will cause it to lose integrity, and set a bad example for other natural companies. However, I agree with Mr. Hirschberg’s point of view simply because of the structure of American economy today. It is a smart move to make it big so that a well-meaning organic company and seize power in the food industry to go up against the corrupt giants like Tyson & Kraft. I just hope Stonyfield never loses sight of its roots.

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