“Mom, can I make a salad, like yours?”

Want to feel GREAT?
Want to eat better?

Want to inspire your kids?
Want to have FUN doing it? 

preparing breakfast

I have some FABULOUS news for you.
I can help.

I can help you and your kids fall in love with vegetables. 

I will hold you by the hand and show you how you and your family can be delighted by actual, delicious, unprocessed food that also happens to be loaded with natural nutrition for a great day. 

In 5 weeks you will have some new delightful favorites, be inspiring your kids and friends, & be having a lot of fun doing it! 

I’m a great translator, I absolutely LOVE great food, I make it easy and fun, and I will help you aim toward the kind of eating you really want. It’s not hard. It’s just a few fun changes. Male or female, no matter what age or what reason, if you want to eat food that loves you back, I am privileged to be your tour guide on a . . .

LIVEYummy Adventure!

You’ll need:
• a phone   • access to a computer
• curiosity   • a sense of adventure    • your sense of humor   • your imagination

Forgive me, friends, but since my main business, Yummy Yammy, has taken off so strongly in the past few weeks, I have no choice but to suspend the launch of LIVEYummy for at least a year or two. Please visit me there! www.YummyYammy.com   

And my apologies for any inconvenience!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Your LIVEYummy Adventure works like this:

L: Look forward, Let go Lovingly, & Laugh

Adventure MapTogether we’ll make an “Adventure Map”, based on what you’re leaving behind and where you want to go.  Your personal “Adventure Map” will be based on your own heart’s desire (and, if you are starting with a medical condition, input from your professional medical team).  Aiming toward your new yummy life, you’ll start dropping any baggage you may have around food: I’ll give you access to tools to start getting free of food struggles with your kids, emotional eating, self-destructive attitudes, old ways of thinking about food, and old results.  And I’ll help you do it all with a sense of joy — because, after all, now you’re heading toward where you want to go!  So you can enjoy every step.   [Determining your “True North” and setting your compass starts on the FREE Curiosity Call, a “free sample trip” you can take to see if the LIVEYummy Adventure is right for you. You’ll see more about this below.]

I: Interested Investigating

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 11.36.07 PMI take you by the hand and introduce you personally to the wonderful, delicious, naturally health-giving food you are going to fall in love with, and I’ll help you HAVE FUN investigating. Through video, audio, and our Weekly Adventure calls, we’ll explore new and familiar lands together. We’ll start with modifying your favorites, and since you’ll be open to new ideas, you’ll also discover lots of new yummies, and new ways of planning, preparing, and organizing food in your life, all with me there as your “Adventure Tour Guide”. We’ll make it fun for you, so you can make it fun for your kids. Bring your curiosity, sense of adventure, and tastebuds for a flavor and action escapade!

V: Veggilicious Variety

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 11.50.18 PMLiving Yummy isn’t about iceberg lettuce and dry tomatoes every day with fat-free bottled dressing. Eating more veggies doesn’t mean deprivation, it means nourishment. You are going to discover scrumptious food that will blow your mind and start to change your tastebuds. And I’ll keep handing you fun and frolicking food ideas that will spark your own creativity, so you can make it fun for your kids, too. My friend Janet says, “FUN, FUN, FUN!! You DO make veggies fun. I didn’t believe it, but it’s true.” You will be dreaming in a rainbow of veggie colors before the program’s over!

E: Entertain & Enjoy

iphoto multi gen family picnicMany of us wrestle with fears that if we individually start eating better, our family lives will become a battleground, or we’ll be making separate meals for everyone.  But eating more veggies doesn’t mean loneliness; it means taking care of yourself within loving community. You are going to make food so delicious your family and friends are going to be curious, intrigued, envious and tempted to follow your lead. You’ll see, at the celebration dinner you’ll host to show off your new-found self. [More on this during the first class! For now it’s a secret! Don’t tell!] Your courageous example of stepping into a happier, healthier vision of yourself will influence your friends and have ripples among your family. And because I will help you do it delightfully and with love, you will inspire loved ones, not insult them. 

Sliced Bell Peppers - DiagonalYummy:

Above all, the food is delicious.
It is nourishing. You will feel satisfied.
You will love your meals, and you will love the way you start to feel.


That’s LIVEYummy. A personalized, delightful food adventure.

And the wonders of technology = you can participate from anywhere in the world.


Lisa headshot eyes rollingSounds pretty magical.

Can you, or will you do it for me? NO. This is your journey. I’m your Adventure Tour Guide.

Are you a miracle worker? Or at least a nutritionist? NO, neither. I’m an inspired eater, a delighted darling, and a lifelong food professional living a hectic life filled with work and kids. I keep making my health my priority so I can live long, create a great life, and leave a legacy of vibrant health for my children. iStock riding tandem bikeCROP

Is this a weight-loss program? NO. It’s a life-gain program. A delish-and-nutrish program. A stand-up-and-live program.

Is it going to be easy? DEPENDS on your attitude and readiness.  If you want to eat more veggies, it will be a delightful, fascinating ride toward where you already want to go, like us riding a tandem bike together to the picnic on a sunny day, laughing all the way.

What's in the LIVEYummy Adventure Backpack?

What’s in the “LIVEYummy Adventure Backpack”?

How does this Adventure work?
You get your virtual “LIVEYummy Adventure Backpack”!

 Backpack: You will call in as part of your Weekly Adventure Itinerary, and with the LIVEYummy Adventurers you’ll explore the topic for that week. Weekly Adventure travel stops include:  Stellar Salads, Liquid Land of Juicy Love, Luscious Living Enzymes, Soups to Swoon Over, and Superfood Breakfasts for Superheroes.  And weekly we’ll have Q&A time with your Adventure Tour Guide — that’s me!  I’ll record the calls for you, so you can listen again for frequent re-inspiration.
• Backpack:  You will receive daily support including a mix of audio encouragement to take with you during the day, access to my goofy, homemade, busy-mama how-to videos on the Weekly Adventure topics, printed action tools that can help you record your Adventure, and simple, practical tips that you can implement immediately, any day, wherever your daily life takes you.
• Backpack:  This program also includes private, one-on-one “Adventure Travel Guide” phone support with me, just for you: one session early on to get you on the right track, and one later. I’ll record them both, so you can listen again to deepen your understanding.
Fotolia_boy and girl play vegs to faceXSRev• Backpack: You will also have a private LIVEYummy Adventure Team chat group with program members, to keep sharing ideas and benefitting from each others’ support. You are not alone in this, and “traveling” with friends makes it more fun. 
Through it all, we will HAVE FUN. Remember, I make sweet potato dips for a living!  At Halloween, instead of lecturing about “too much sugar,” I go to the fire station and give kids and parents a hot dish of noodles with my sweet potato sauce, and call it “Bowls of Brains”!   We will make veggies fun. I promise.

Young girl eating bowl of vegetables in living room smilingWhat will this Adventure cost me?

Mostly you’ll let go of some old ways. (Hear that little ripping sound? That’s you changing. You can do it. I’ll help you, and so will your new friends.)

You’ll take the time and care to make a loving commitment to yourself. (Can be challenging, after a lifetime of taking care of others.)

You might have some fear and awkwardness when trying new things a new way. (I’ll be there to help you, and you will find supportive people everywhere.)

shot of cute little boy holding colorful peppersYou’ll spend some extra dollars to buy new foods and restock your kitchen. (We are what we eat, and fresh, wholesome, nourishing meals don’t come out of a 99-cent plastic bag of puffed something.)

And make a ridiculously low investment, given how much this immersion adventure can benefit you and your loved ones for the rest of your life.

My second group will pay $499 for this personalized, transformative adventure.
And it will be worth so much more.

But right now I am doing something crazy.

To make it no-excuses-easy for the first happy LIVEYummy Adventurers, I am slashing the fee — FOR FIVE WEEKS OF PERSONALIZED SERVICE — in half.

Yup, completely in half.

cooking togetherIs it worth $249?

You want your kids to develop stellar eating habits young, while it’s still easy?

You know that they won’t listen to anything you say, but they’re watching everything you do!  Are you setting an example for them that you feel great about? You are the World Atlas they will refer to as they walk their own, unique Adventure in this world.  Are you setting them up to have an amazing trip?

There’s nothing like the joy of hearing your daughter ask, “Mom, can I make myself a salad?”  Honest, I heard those very words the other night, and I felt like singing and dancing and hooray-ing from the rooftops!girls kissing mom Christmas day

Tragically, my Daddy died before my wedding, before I had my kids.  My children will never meet him.

While I can’t bring my Dad back, I can do my part to make sure I’m around to meet MY grandkids. And they meet theirs.

And I also know that my commitment to my health inspires my loved ones to believe that they, too, can do anything!  And that it’s never too late to make good changes!

Chillaxin' by the RiverAnd as I nourish my own body better, I can live my whole life in a more yummy way. What does that mean to you?  more art?  inspired loafing?  writing?  golfing?  kayaking?  getting a better job?  pain-free knitting?  hiking?  walking safely up the steps without worrying you’ll injure yourself?  basketball?  running for office?  giggling at the playground?  making your next million?  volunteering?  What is that yummyness worth to you?

As a LIVEYummy Adventurer, you can start feeling lit up again — from the inside. I’m telling you from experience. Good food can help you do this.

And this isn’t just information. Not an e-book you don’t want to read, an embarrassing weigh-in, a list of “you-better” foods from the clinic. It’s not a cooking class. It’s not a TV-star’s email with 20 links a day to sort through.  There’s plenty of information out there. If that worked by itself, you and your kids would be eating tons more veggies already.

This is private,
loving “Tour Guide” support

just for you, for your own personal life’s Adventure.
PLUS all the benefits of team support from the other lovely travelers in the class.


Why should you listen to me?
Here’s what some kind folks have written about me (blush):

“Your optimism is infectious.”  — Linda

“You have a professional, kind and joyful presentation.”  —  Annette

“You inspired me … to do more creative cooking…”  —  Sean

“I was inspired by your energy.”  —  Sue

“It’s so exciting to hear your different ideas… It helps keep everything so exciting and interesting, and helps me be motivated to think more creatively… so thank you!”  —  Annie

“You have excellent communication skills and personality for engaging people…”  —  Lizann

“That’s the best thing I’ve had in a year.”  —  Meg’s dinner guests

“Your blog posts and videos are so inspiring! Thank YOU for showing so many of us how to LIVE.”  —  Bill


I am going to invest in myself
and take the LIVEYummy Adventure!

iStock woman holding out red phoneGREAT! Here’s your first assignment.
Join our Curiosity Call.

It’s kind of like a “free sample” of working with me, and I’ll take you through the first, most important step of the Adventure. I’ll answer all your questions about the LIVEYummy Adventure. Add it to your calendar so you don’t forget!

* Friday, Feb 22 at 10am EST

iStock 58 yr old biz man on phoneTo join in the call:
Dial 218-339-9447
Use code 209953 plus #

Because I am on fire with this new program, and because I want to help you . . .

Everyone is welcome, anyone can benefit. The  Curiosity Call is free and there’s no commitment.

Young Daughter With Her MotherMy promise is that I will offer you great value on the free Curiosity Call, whether or not you decide to give yourself the full LIVEYummy Adventure.

So bring your questions, and something to take notes on. Together we’ll set your compass to True North: for your own next step, or for your leap into the LIVEYummy Adventure — the adventure of a lifetime.  (If you decide to join us, your participation in the free Curiosity Call will get you so ready for your first LIVEYummy Adventure class, and for our first private call together!)

Second assignment: Sign up.

It takes a moment of decision. Invest in myself?   ~~~~~   Yes! Right now! It’s a new beginning!


Sign up here!


(Having some doubt?  I know.  It can feel so … impossible to actually make a decision to make a change, even when we really want the outcomes.  My commitment is to help you make a decision, either way, and not leave this as one more thing you’re going to “think about”.  So, before you put this in your Mental Pile of Maybe, watch this video.  Then make a decision, either way — a decision that feels great to you, that lights you up.)

Okay, believe me now? You really can do this. It will be fun, and worth it. So sign in!  As soon as you do, you’ll get your first two action tools. Very helpful stuff, right away!


Sign up here!


Third assignment: Schedule Thursday nights 8-9:30pm EST, from March 28 to April 25, into your calendar. Star them, make them the priority, because YOU are the priority!  (But don’t worry if you have to miss one — we’ll record them for you.)

So, your three assignments:
* Call in to the Curiosity Call
* Sign up for the LIVEYummy Adventure, and
* Add the Adventure dates to your calendar

Lisa panorama headshotI can’t wait to provide you with a chance for your yummy, delightful, rewarding Adventure!

Yummily yours,
Lisa Johnson, Yumbassador at LIVEYummy,
Yambassador at Yummy Yammy,
and Host of Veggies Worth Eating Telesummit

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