No Gluten • No Soy • No Milk • No Egg • No Peanut

Yummy Yammy receives independent lab tests showing no gluten, soy, milk, peanuts, or egg in sweet potato salsasAnyone with a food allergy, or with a child with a food allergy, knows how stressful eating can be. One of the earliest goals I ever had for Yummy Yammy was to offer “food with no consequences”. I know we can’t guarantee 100% that everyone can eat our food safely, because there are a lot of allergies out there. Did you know some folks are allergic to carrots?  To mango?  To ginger root? We don’t use mango or carrots at the moment, but we do use ginger, and that was a surprise to me!

Gluten is of course severely dangerous to celiacs, and a lot of other folks are avoiding it by preference. It happens that the kitchen we use doesn’t currently use any gluten-containing products, but that could change any time, and without notice to me. And while Yummy Yammy adds no gluten-containing ingredients to our salsas, we know that cross-contamination is possible at any juncture before ingredients even get to us.

And others are allergic to egg, peanuts, soy, and milk.

So, to be sure we’re running the cleanest possible kitchen and our ingredients are as clean as possible, Yummy Yammy gets our salsas tested once each year by an independent lab.

And once again, our 2017 tests have come back with all perfect results.

While we still don’t guarantee anyone that our products are completely free of any allergens (for example, we use corn in all the Mexican salsas, and all our salsas use a citric acid that is derived from corn), I am happy to report that the lab says we’re doing a great job. Details below.

Yammily yours,
Lisa Johnson, Yambassador, Yummy Yammy

Gluten: <5ppm on all 5 salsas, the lowest possible measurement
Egg: <0.5ppm on test salsa, lowest possible measurement
Peanut: <2.5ppm, lowest possible measurement
Soy: <2ppm, lowest possible measurement
Total Milk: <1ppm, lowest possible measurement
* All assays were run under GLP guidelines and all spiked samples were spiked in a separate controlled area, so as not to cross contaminate samples, assays, equipment, or reagents. All assays were run in compliance with manufacturers’ constraints and kit inserts. Please be aware that other methods (i.e., CODEX/AOAC) might give variable results from above depending on matrix and analyte. Certified by Thomas A Grace, Laboratory Director, Bia Diagnostics

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