Sweet Potatoes and Carbs

Do you worry about your carb intake? Do you “count carbs”?

I recently came across this simple article about how a sweet potato is the perfect healthy complex carbohydrate to eat, for just about anyone to lose weight. Especially since sweet potato also has so much natural fiber, and phenomenal all-around nutrition.

I was surprised at the comments, which seem to suggest that everyone’s scurrying around tracking every carb they eat.

I’m curious… is it more important to you to:
* eat food that is delicious?
* eat food that is low-fat?
* eat food that is low in carbs?
* eat food that is high in nutrition?
* eat food that is easy/fast/convenient?

Please comment to claim what’s most important to you.

Thanks so much for your input!

Y’Ammily yours,
Lisa Johnson, Y’Ambassador, Yummy Yammy

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3 Responses to Sweet Potatoes and Carbs

  1. They are all important. I strive to meet all those criteria with the food I cook and then eat. That’s the thing, generally you have to prepare it yourself to meet those criteria. The exceptions are Yummy Yammy and Vermont Kale Chips. 🙂

  2. Derek Smal says:

    So I just came across your product from a Facebook share from Seacoast Eat Local over in NH. First, I have to say I wish you the best of luck with this project!
    Still looking for a complete ingredients list for your products, but am sure it is on this site somewhere.
    Anyway, to answer your questions, yes, they are all important to me with the least important being the fat. Of course I completely understand your need to market it as such, since that makes it that much more attractive to the general, uninformed population.
    Actually, I think it might be a great idea to make a formula that was roasted sweet potato mixed with a local VT grass-fed butter product! (super-yummy super-food!) The “low-fat fad” is rapidly dying and much of the public realize the critical value of healthy fats, dietary cholesterol, etc. Many of us maximize our satiety, suppress hunger cravings, control body-fat storage and garner the majority of our daily energy from fat, with moderate to low carbs in the diet and preferably from local, nutrient-dense sources!
    If this had a respectable fat content I’d probably buy it and eat it straight out of the jar! Most people are going to use this as either a veggie or chip-dip. If it is the latter, that just increases the sugar exposure as well as bad/inflammatory fat exposure from canola, seed or some processed veggie oil. As it is, I’d probably buy it just to dip some locally-grown veggies into on occasion. Can’t wait to find it over on the NH Seacoast and try it!

    • LisaJohnson says:

      I so agree with you on the fats. If there were a way to include a great fat in our dips, I would. But we pack the food hot into jars, and I wouldn’t want to do that to a fat I respect.

      By no means do I think we should be eating fat-free… it’s just that this way we can add whatever fat matters to us, at any given meal. You will find our ingredients list under each product name and picture, under “Buy Yummy Yammy” and then “The Yummy Food”. I love to have the Lemon Ginger dips with eggs, and for me that means organic, pastured chickens. Nothing better. I wish for everyone the appreciation and valuing of high-quality fats, but realize I can’t provide them in our food, so I encourage gently. We are so lucky in Vermont to have so many organic and pastured local agricultural options. Fat used to be called Vitamin F for a reason!!

      We’re still not all the way to the seacoast, but are now at Concord Food Coop. And yes, they are great with cut veggies!


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