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  • Nutrient Dense Quick Lunch: Sweet Potato Salsa + Avocado Boat

    Looking for a quick, nutrient dense lunch? Here's the fastest, most delicious superfood treat.
  • Passionate Yummy Yammy Revolutionary

    What is it about Yummy Yammy's Sweet Potato Salsas that creates such passion in our Yambassadors?
  • Backstage Pass at the Fancy Food Show NYC 2015

    Watch the magic! Lisa turns a blank space into a trade show booth at the Fancy Food Show in NYC summer 2015.
  • Tuscan Shrimp

    It couldn't be simpler to enjoy shrimp as an appetizer at your next party...
  • How to Eat an Avocado in Your Car

    Along with nutrient-dense sweet potato in our salsas, I love to eat other delicious nutrient-rich foods, like avocado. But I don't always have a knife and cutting board... so...
  • Moroccan Shrimp

    See how easy it is to enjoy shrimp in a new way! Patrick from the Bishops Corner Whole Foods in Connecticut works at the seafood counter, and he has an epiphany with Lisa.
  • What Will Nourish You?

    You live a hectic, busy life. Will cheap, fast food get you through it? We can!
  • Making Tuscan Pasta Dinner

    Need a fast, healthy dinner tonight? All you need is some pasta and some Yummy Yammy Tuscan Sweet Potato Salsa. It's easy, fast, healthy, nutritious, and so delicious.
  • Making Moroccan Eggs

    Want to add more superfoods to your everyday meal plans, but only if they taste GREAT?Here's a breakfast tip for Moroccan Eggs that will change everything for you. Savory, all natural, loaded with superfood nutrition, and so delicious you'll never go back.It's based on our very clean, very healthy, extremely delicious fat-free and sugar-free sweet potato salsas. Enjoy!
  • Making Quesadillas with Yummy Yammy

    This is a fun way to enjoy Yummy Yammy Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa, making quick and easy quesadillas -- delicious, nutritious, and fun.
  • Yummy Yammy Says No to Preservatives

    Yummy Yammy Says No to Preservatives
  • Making Nachos with Yummy Yammy

    Nachos don't have to be junk food - make them the delicious, nutritious and fun way, with Yummy Yammy flame-roasted Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa. Quick and easy.
  • Making Tuscan Pasta Salad

    Need to make a fast, delicious, nutritious pasta salad that will nourish you and delight your friends?Yummy Yammy Tuscan Sweet Potato Salsa is made from 100% flame-roasted sweet potato as the base, no tomato at all. That means the main ingredient is America's favorite superfood, sweet potato!
  • Spirit of the Valley: Lisa Johnson

    Yummy Yammy Yambassador Lisa Johnson’s path from farm worker to entrepreneur.
  • Why Add a Little Fat?

    Our sweet potato salsas are naturally fat-free and sugar-free. So why would you want to add fat to them? How about because good quality fats are essential to a healthy body?Did you know fat used to be called 'Vitamin F'? That's right, it's that important. So start with our very clean, very healthy, extremely delicious fat-free and sugar-free sweet potato salsas, and add the best quality fats you can find. Enjoy!
  • What is a jumbo sweet potato?

    What is a jumbo sweet potato with Lisa Johnson
  • Yummy Yammy as a Salad Dressing

    This is a cool way to use Yummy Yammy roasted sweet potato salsas on top of salad for a fat-free dressing that is loaded with flavor and superfood nutrition.
  • How Did Yummy Yammy's First Trip to the Copacker Work Out

    Today was my little company's first test batch at our new 'copacker' for Yummy Yammy. A copacker = 'contract packer', meaning a skilled business to make my food for me to my specifications. After all the stress and worry of coordinating schedules plus thousands of dollars' worth of ingredients, jars, labels, etc., how did the test go? I'll tell you...
  • Yummy Yammy Leaving for Copacker First Test Day

    Til now I've made every jar myself, but now it's time to get help, so this morning I'm driving to the 'copacker', the company that will make my food to my exact specifications. How does it feel, to see your dream launching? I'll tell you...
  • Yummy Yammy Shows Sweet Potatoes Cured

    What is a cured sweet potato? Why are they sometimes sweet and sometimes dry or pasty? Lisa Johnson, founder and Yambassador of Yummy Yammy, shows how the seasons work on sweet potato sweetness.
  • Sweet Potato Bake-Off Nov 2012

    Making sweet potatoes? Should you use a Japanese yam? A jewel yam? An organic jewel yam? Or a locally grown one? I held a simple bake-off of all four: the flavors and colors and consistencies. Which sweet potato is the winner on this particular day?
  • In a roasted sweet potato, what is the blackened stuff?

    When a sweet potato is roasted, it usually produces a blackened bit that gives it a delicious roasty flavor. It's like with roasted red peppers. So never worry if you see little blackened bits -- they are proof of roasting.
  • I Love My Job!

    I'm Lisa Johnson, Yambassador at Yummy Yammy, and I want to show you how much fun it was to make roasted sweet potato dips for you when I was at the VT Food Venture Center in Hardwick VT. Wish you could smell these yammies too! Mmmm!!!
  • Sweet Potato Fiber

    Can you see the fiber in a sweet potato? Should you eat it? Where is it?
  • Boston LOVES Yummy Yammy!

    Here's a video we just made of our recent trip to the Boston Wine Expo. It was a hoot to find how much the Boston-area wine lovers really get what we do! Man do they love our food! Yay!
  • Salad and Yummy Yammy ​Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa for Lunch

    Your Yambassador shows one way to enjoy Yummy Yammy ​Mexican Sweet Potato Salsa (back when it was called Fiesta Dip), plus a fabulous salad. Have a great day!
  • Yummy Yammy at Natural Products Expo East 2013

    We took off for Baltimore MD last week to have a booth at the Natural Products Expo East 2013. Expo is the largest natural products trade show on the east coast, and it seemed everybody was there!We had a blast sampling out our world's-only sweet potato salsas to buyers for natural foods stores, buyers for specialty stores, nutritionists who recommend healthy products to their clients, food editors for magazines, food bloggers, ingredient manufacturers, and people running supermarkets all across the country.It was a joy to give people a taste of what we do, and to tell them a bit about why we do it.Our sweet potato salsas are also very healthy: no fat, no sweeteners of any kind, no preservatives, no colorings, very low calorie, and all delicious.Our sweet potato salsas are so versatile and delicious, you will wonder how you ever did without them. And at only 250 calories in the WHOLE JAR, you will want to enjoy their fabulous flavor and superfood nutrition every day.
  • What Yummy Yammy is About

    This great group 'Taste of DC' interviewed me at the Fancy Food Show July 2011 in Washington DC. Thanks!

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